Annie Welburn

Annie Welburn scaled the wall at Chiswick House grounds.

"John saw me and called me over and asked me if I was at school, which was obvious I suppose. He asked me what I wanted to take for 'O' levels! He said he liked art and I did too. Paul and Ringo came over. Paul said 'Hiya'. I was amazed how normal they were.

As we entered the Conservatory, George asked would I like to stay and watch them play for a bit? He and John settled me in the corner of the room and they you know I'm not sure what, maybe Paperback Writer or Rain.... I was on another planet!

Ringo said he was hungry and they sent out for food. He sat in the back of the car with fish and chips and asked me if I would like some....I couldn't eat!

Before they went …they asked if I needed a lift home! I had the best memory of that day!"

Annie’s daughters,  Jessica and Laura came to Chiswick House with the News of The World front cover and Beatles Magazine with pictures of Annie taken on May 20th, 1966.

Jessica and Laura Welburn holding Beatles records at chiswick house

an old cover of News of the World featuring the Beatles at Chiswick House

an inside page of the News of the World newspaper featuring the beatles at chiswick house

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