Sandy Loewenthal

Sandy Loewenthal was in the 5th form at Chiswick Grammar School.

"We walked around the corner and saw George Harrison sitting on one of the empty plinths, cross-legged and holding his guitar. Then we saw the others and the cameras. We ran back to the school to tell everyone. By about 3pm most of the school had come over to the park to watch. As the Beatles left to go to the Italian Garden to film some more, most of the girls mobbed Paul and George.

I asked John if we could 'nick some of your gear' (meaning the amps and guitars). John replied, 'fine, if you think you can get away with it.' It was a red letter day for us Beatles fans."

Sandy went on to become a musician himself,  specialising in Calypso and coincidentally, helped George Martin, the Beatles’ producer, write a book on music. He is shown here with his copy with Martin’s hand written thanks.

Sandy Loewenthal holding a signed Making Music book at Chiswick House and Gardens

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