About Chiswick House

Chiswick House is the first and one of the finest examples of neo-Palladian design in England.

Created by the third Earl of Burlington, who was inspired on his grand tour by the architecture of ancient Rome and 16th century Italy, Chiswick House is a stunning homage to the work of Renaissance architect Palladio.

Completed by 1729, the villa, which echoes classical temple design, was never conceived as a private residence. It is instead, a bold architectural experiment by Burlington, a grand pavilion where he could display his art and book collection and entertain small groups of friends.

During his travels Burlington met the architect William Kent and invited him to collaborate on the design of the villa. No expense or creativity was spared on the interior and Kent designed the luxurious and colourful velvet rooms with red, green and blue velvet walls, that interconnect with a magnificent domed central saloon.

Today, the Blue Velvet room and Upper Tribunal have been expertly restored and a future phase of the restoration programme will see the other main rooms returned to their original splendour.

The history of the house is complex and intriguing and there are a wealth of stories to tell and works of art to admire.

Visitors are free to explore all the rooms in the house and group guided tours that unlock the secrets of the house can be arranged in advance.

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