Chiswick Launches New Audio Tour

Visitors can now explore Chiswick Gardens through the eyes of creative writers including Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy

From landscape garden to mental asylum to public  park, Chiswick House and Gardens have had a colourful past.

Now you can explore these stories through the eyes of creative writers, including Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and former Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion, in a new downloadable audio tour of the gardens.

Last year, a competition asked aspiring writers across the country to submit a short sketch, poem or play inspired by historic views of the gardens.  The winning entries, together with five professional contributions, make up a new tour that follows ten easels dotted around the gardens at Chiswick.  Each easel displays a picture of the gardens at a different point in its history.

At each easel, you can listen to a story or poem inspired by the image: you'll eavesdrop on a conversation between two suffragettes at one, and discover how a giraffe felt when brought to Chiswick to entertain party guests at another. There is also a short piece of history with each easel to learn about what makes the gardens at Chiswick so important.

You can download the full tour to your mobile or handheld device, or simply click on the individual files to listen. The tour takes about an hour and there is a map to help you find all the easels.

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