Audio Tour 10

10a) Parklife
10b) A Public Park and Goodbye

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10a Parklife


‘Parklife’ by Leah Kharibian, an audio script-writer and occasional film-maker who lives in Leicestershire.


Musing to himself

Don’t know why they gave him a bike for his birthday – pointless really. He’s sat on it once this morning, and that was just to ring the bell. I told them, ‘All the lad needs is a football – an honest-to-goodness football and a bit of grass to play on, that’s all a boy his age ever needs.’ And look at him, happy as Larry.

Out loud, to the boy, encouraging

That’s it, Johnny, don’t take your eyes off it! Remember you’re the hawk and that ball’s the rabbit!


To himself, sniffing for scents

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. Hruff, squirrel? Squirrel? [Sniffs again] Rabbit. Hruff, young rabbit. [Sighs] Old dog. Old dog, old paws. Sore paws.


To the dog

Come on Haynes old boy, move it along. You’re feeling your age, aren’t you? You and me both.

To himself

And losing the cup didn’t help. Sucked all the life out the summer. [Brighter] But another season, another chance, that’s the way to look at it. And you can’t fault a morning like this. Lovely. [Pauses] That boy could do with a proper pair of shorts. Towelling’s alright for toddlers,
but … Christmas – that’s what I’ll get him. A proper Fulham FC black and white. To go with his ball.


To himself

And Lockie has the ball! And he’s past fat old Tommy Taylor, he’s past mean old Trevor Brookin’, the West Ham goalie goes splat and Lockie scores!!! Fulham win the cup! [Starts singing to himself to the old football chant of ‘We are the Champions’] Johnny’s the Champion, Johnny’s the Champion, Johnny Lockie’s the Champion…


To Johnny. Impressed

Hey that was a good kick! Show us again. That’s it, square up. Right, now this one’s a penalty from the edge of the six-yard box. Just four minutes to final whistle – so it’s now or never. Deep breath and give it a good run up … and hammer it into the net!



Look Granddad! It went miles!


Delighted. Clapping

Good man, Johnny Lockie! Great ball! See that Haynes, old boy? Going to chase after it?


Not going anywhere

Warm sun on sore paws. Warm sun. Last warm sun.


Excited, running off to fetch the ball

Again, Granddad! You can do the talking and Haynes can watch.
Johnny’s the champion! Johnny’s the champion! Johnny’s the champion!


Close to, as Johnny moves into the distance, gives Haynes a pat

Stuff their bike, eh, old fellow? Look like our ball’s got the morning sorted.


10b A Public Park & Goodbye



Chiswick was one of the first historic parks to be taken into public ownership for use by the nation. Today, the house and gardens are run by the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust, supported and championed by numerous volunteer groups and societies. Local residents have a long tradition of coming to Chiswick for all sorts of recreation, from picnicking to exercise. Some have even got married here. Although the Gardens have evolved over the centuries, one thing hasn’t changed: Chiswick remains an oasis in urban west London, a place of tranquility and beauty that can now be enjoyed by all.

Thank you for taking this tour of the gardens. If you’d like to visit the house, it’s open between April and October. The gardens and café are open all year round.

We hope you’ll come back to Chiswick again soon. Goodbye.

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