The Beatles

In May 1966 the Beatles made a pair of promotional videos at Chiswick House for their new singles 'Paperback Writer' and 'Rain'

Chiswick Gardens have a claim to be the birthplace of the music video.

It was here in May 1966 that the Beatles, tired from touring the world, made a pair of promotional videos for their new singles 'Paperback Writer' and 'Rain'.

Although by later standards they are comparably slow-moving, they have many of the typical characteristics of music videos: quick editing, artistic close-ups and plenty of shots of the singers staring into the middle distance oozing cool.

Guitarist George Harrison (1943-2001) remembered:

'The idea was that we'd use them in America as well as the UK, because we thought, we can't go everywhere. We're stopping touring and we'll send these films out to promote the record... these days obviously everybody does that - its part of the promotion for a single - so I suppose in a way we invented MTV.'

The Beatles in the Exedra at Chiswick House © Robert Whitaker
The Beatles shot their videos in the Conservatory, the Walled Garden and in front of the Exedra (shown here)

Photo courtesy of Apple Corps Ltd

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