Visitors are welcome to picnic in the Gardens and there are several dog-free areas for informal picnicking

Holding picnics in Chiswick House and Gardens

Small Picnics

We welcome informal small picnics in the Gardens except near the cricket ground when matches are played. The gardens are used by many people for different reasons and therefore ask you to follow the same simple guidelines as larger group picnics.

Group Picnics

We recommend a maximum group size of 20.

To ensure everyone enjoys the Gardens fully, the following guidelines apply:

  • Toddlers Play Area: Please avoid group picnicking within this area
  • Barbecues, or any form of cooking is not permitted. As well as being a fire hazard, abandoned barbecues can be a hazard to other visitors and to wildlife.  There is a catering outlet in the garden selling a selection of hot and cold food.
  • Glass – Please ensure that you use plastic cups and bottles where possible. Broken glass is a hazard to other visitors and wildlife and very difficult to remove.
  • Playing ball games – ball games are not permitted in the vicinity of buildings.
  • Playing music or other entertainment is not permitted.
  • Fixing anything to trees or driving anything into the ground is not permitted.
  • Erecting tents, marquees, tables or other structures is not permitted.
  • Balloons – These should not be brought into the gardens.
  • Litter – Please collect all of your litter together to take home with you
  • Childrens parties – Entertainers, treasure or scavenger hunts may not operate within the public space.
  • Collecting or soliciting money – if yours is a charity picnic, any collections must take place outside of the park boundary.
  • Corporate advertising and distribution of leaflets – if yours is a staff picnic you will not be permitted to display any corporate banners or distribute promotional material.  

It’s always a good idea to check our website to see what other events are happening in the area of the garden you would like to visit. A map of the gardens is downloadable on the right which can help you find an appropriate picnic area.

Above all, please be considerate, so other people can enjoy the park too. We hope you enjoy your day in Chiswick House Gardens.

Organised Parties including Childrens Parties

The Western Walled Garden may be hired for children’s parties, office parties or charity events. Please contact the Trust Office on +44 (0) 20 3141 3351 if you would like to hire this space.

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