Chiswick House & Gardens Rangers

To help ensure visitor safety and the care and protection of this heritage site, please report incidents or any suspicious or anti-social behaviour.

The Rangers can often be seen patrolling the gardens during the day. Their duties include environmental monitoring as well as providing guidance and assistance to all our visitors. They are a further point of regular contact and information to visitors within the gardens, and are the first point of call for any incidents and where assistance is needed.

With the close support of the Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Team, together they tackle minor crime and anti-social behaviour providing a safer environment for us all. In respect of our park regulations they provide guidance to visitors ensuring dogs are on leads within marked areas, waste is removed, children and wildlife are protected, and the cycling restrictions to protect the restored pathways and lawns are observed. They are responsible for opening and closing the gardens each day.

The Trust also operates an out of hours incident and emergency telephone line.

Emergency and reporting contacts:
07468 524874 (9am–5pm)
0870 770 6880 (5pm – 9am – ref: 57021)
999 Emergency

You can also email our Ranger using the form below if your enquiry is of an emergency nature.

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