Festival Information for Local Residents

Details about the minimal disruption planned as part of this year's House Festival on 8 July.

House Festival - 8 July, 3pm- 11pm

This years House Festival will once again take place in the gardens surrounding Chiswick House.  Previous festivals have raised a superb £225,000 towards the restoration of the gardens.  This year another substantial sum will be donated by festival organisers Soho House which will directly contribute towards the upkeep of the gardens.

The festival organisers together with The Chiswick House and Gardens Trust are making every effort to minimise disruption to park users and local residents but would like to let you know about the limited restrictions which will be in place. (See timetable below).

The festival is held between 3pm and 11pm.  To address concerns about noise levels new additional means of limiting sound travel from the stage is being introduced.  This involves equipment which directs the amplified sound downwards to the area around Chiswick House where the festival is taking place.  The music cut off point of 11pm will be strictly observed.

If you are concerned or wish to complain to the London Borough of Hounslow about music levels on the night please telephone the council on 0208 583 2222.

The festival has proved immensely popular this year; the audience is drawn from the Soho House community and local residents, and tickets sold out extremely quickly.  Chiswick House and Gardens Trust are working closely with Soho House and the Council to ensure we have a safe and successful event with minimum disturbance to our near neighbours.

Monday 5 July & Tuesday 6 July

Set up will take place during opening hours – no areas closed to the public.

Wednesday 7 July

Festival site around house closed. Café open.

Thursday 8 July

Festival site closed. Café closed. Music ends 11pm.

Friday 9 July

Festival site closed until 7pm. Café open.

Thank you for your patience during this period.

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