Local Pupils First to Explore Wilderness

Pupils from William Hogarth School are first to explore the newly restored Wilderness as part of the CHGT Education Programme

Local pupils are the first to explore the restored Wilderness area at Chiswick House and Gardens and to get a taste of a new pilot scheme of educational activities that the House will offer.

Junior local geography enthusiasts from The William Hogarth School, celebrated recent visits to Chiswick  House and Gardens with a collaborative art project based on the historic site.

Year 6 class teacher, Ms Carolyn Ross said 'The children have worked hard studying local history and exploring different maps. It was wonderful to apply these skills to a specially designed Orienteering Session and a tour of Chiswick House which is so local to us and a place of such important history'.

The children were the first to explore the recently restored Wilderness area of the gardens, after many months of restoration. This visit was part of a pilot scheme being developed to offer educational activities for schools at the site.

'Chiswick House and Gardens offers such a wide range of formal and informal learning opportunities, for all ages and across many curriculum areas' said Ms Simrit Mann, Education Officer.

'Schools really can enjoy everything from tours of Chiswick House to mini-beast trails as well as exploring the gardens and enjoying the lake and woodland walks. Children can also look forward to dressing up as Victorian gardener boys and girls in future sessions'.

Following their Orienteering Session, the children from The William Hogarth School returned for a tour of the House and learnt much about its history – and significance in English and world architecture and garden landscaping.

The children then worked on a joint art project with guest art tutor, Sue Dance, producing a large mural of Chiswick House using pastels.

'It is wonderful to share the story of this famous historic site with local pupils and see their artistic interpretations of the villa in its magnificent setting.  The House and Gardens are of great national importance, but we are proud that they, and the programme of activities built around them, are also a resource at the heart of the local community' said Ms Sarah Finch-Crisp, Director of Chiswick House and Gardens Trust.

The Schools Learning Programme officially launches for schools in April 2010. For further information about the service and how to organise school visits, please call Chiswick House and Gardens Trust Education Officer Ms Simrit Mann, on 0208 742 3905.


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