Kitchen Garden Mural on Display

An enormouse mural, made up of 90 handmade ceramic tiles, is going on display at Chiswick House.

Mural created by the Chiswick House Kitchen Garden Credit: Photograph courtesy of Chiswick House Kitchen Garden©: Chiswick House Kitchen Garden
An enormous mural – 2m x 1.8m – made up of 90 individual hand-made and hand-painted ceramic tiles is going on display. The mural was created by the Kitchen Garden project, with the participation of children and others of all ages.

The mural was begun at the Kitchen Garden Open Day in September 2008, with the generous support of Open Chiswick who supplied funding for the glazes, clay, and firing. Over the following months, all the hundreds of children who came to garden at the Kitchen Garden spent the artwork part of their session painting the tiles that go to create this illustrated map of the house and gardens.

The project was created by Sue Dance (pictured above) who drew out the main design and was responsible for the whole artistic inspiration and organisation of the piece.

As the map was first designed in 2008, some futurology was involved – the café was added as the architect’s drawings showed it would be, the trees in the northern walled garden are planted and mature as they should become. The figures that frolic in the grounds are based on sketches by William Kent, who was responsible for much of the real garden layout in the 18th century.

Project Co-ordinator Karen Liebreich commented: ‘Sue has managed to create something that is a striking work of art in its own right, but one that also holds a particular significance because of the participation of so many local children and adults.’

Now everyone is invited to come and see, to admire the mural, and to try and remember which bit they painted…

No decision has yet been taken on where the mural will finally be displayed.

On display: At the dog show on the Cricket Pitch, Chiswick House on Sunday 27th September 2009, 10.30-3.30, along with a plant and produce sale from the Kitchen Garden. And in Chiswick House through October.

Image courtesy of Chiswick House Kitchen Garden


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