Advance Notice of Closure - Burlington Lane Gate

The entrance on Burlington Lane will be closed for six weeks from 1 September 2009 while path restoration work is carried out.

Burlington Lane Gate will be closed on 1 September for a period of six weeks while path restoration work is carried out. 

UPMTilhill are hard at work completing the paths surfaces. The hoggin (the natural stone surface) is being laid on the allée from Burlington Lane to the Classic Bridge. The hoggin once laid needs a period of up to six weeks for a process of rolling and watering to compact and harden the surface. If this is not done then the clay content of the hoggin remains sticky rather than hard and will stick to the soles of shoes, paws and tyres.

From 1 September the circle around the Obelisk will be surfaced and the hardening process undertaken, which requires Burlington Lane Gate to be closed and no pedestrian or vehicle access across the circle.

Alternative routes should be indicated to get around the Obelisk and the Lime allée, but it will cause some inconvenience to some people, particularly those with wheels or walking difficulties. 

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