Gardens Re-opening Timetable

A detailed schedule of opening dates for various parts of the garden.

The programme of works will be completed, as planned, in early 2010.

An intense programme of important landscaping work has been undertaken over the last eight months, particularly in areas around Chiswick House. This has required large areas of the park to be closed off and we are very grateful to park users for their patience and co-operation.

Below is a more detailed schedule of opening dates:


The new cafe will open in Spring 2010.

Car Park

The Car Park is now open, but will need to be closed again from late October for approximately 6 weeks while works to the car park entrance from the A4 are carried out.

Classic Bridge

Frost damage to repairs in early 2009 has delayed the opening. These have now been addressed and the bridge will be open from Monday 13 July - although it will close for a few days at the end of July/early August for the final surface to be applied to the pathway. The area to the east of the bridge [Northern Wilderness] will remain closed while works are completed on paths.

Northern Wilderness

The Northern Wilderness area will re-open by early September, although access via the Rustic Gate entrance to the car park will not be possible until October at the earliest.


The Rosary this will re-open in September 2009 following the installation of a new sculpture of Venus on top of the Doric Column.

Entrances to the park

Burlington Lane

Burlington Lane may be closed periodically while path surfaces are replaced.

Chertsey Road

Chertsey Road is open but could be closed periodically for painting.

Park Road Gate

Park Road Gate is open. A new metal gate will replace the current gate.

Rustic Gate

Rustic Gate will not open for visitor access between the car park and Northern Wilderness until October. Car park users will need to access the House and/or Park via the nearest alternative entrances.

Dukes Avenue Gate

Dukes Avenue Gate from the A4 or Park Road Gate.

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