Access in and around Chiswick House and Gardens

Some areas of the gardens are currently closed to allow restoration work to take place.

Due to the sheer scale of the works until Easter, much of the park around Chiswick House is closed to ensure public safety and to allow contractors to undertake their work as quickly as possible when the gardens are least visited.

Areas of the park to the east of the Lake [around the House] are closed to the public. If visiting the park, it is recommended that you use the Burlington Lane Gate, Staveley Road Gate or Park Road Gate, to access areas of the park west of the Lake which are open.

The Great Chertsey Road Gate and the entrance from the car park are closed.  Visitors who use the car park will need to walk back to the main A4, turn left and left again in to Park Road to access the park via the Park Road Gate.

The Duke’s Avenue entrance is open for access to the Corney Road Gate but with no access to the park.

There are signs on all the entrances to the park which show which paths and routes around the park are open. The Trust and its contractors are very grateful to the public for their patience during this busy period.


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