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Information about volunteering as a Kitchen Gardener.


The Walled Gardens at Chiswick House date back to 1682, when they were created by Sir Stephen Fox who lived at the adjoining Moreton Hall. 

In 1812, the 6th Duke of Devonshire purchased Moreton Hall and demolished the house, incorporating its Kitchen Garden into the grounds of Chiswick House. After Chiswick House and Gardens were purchased by public subscription in 1929 the Kitchen Garden faded from memory, being left neglected and closed to the public. 

The Chiswick House Kitchen Garden project began in February 2005 as a voluntary group dedicated to reviving the gardens and teaching local residents about horticulture and growing food.

This pioneering community project is now managed as a core part of Chiswick House and Gardens Trust Volunteer Service. Whether you are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about growing food and would enjoy helping others including school children to benefit from these skills, or you would simply like to ‘dig, pot, weed and learn’, we would love to hear from you.

Please download the briefing document on the right for further details about becoming a Kitchen Gardener.

Please click on the video link below to learn more about the Chiswick House Kitchen Garden Project.

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Kitchen Gardeners - information about volunteering.
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